• “Leo did great work for us not only writing but also managing a big content project for us. I was impressed by how detailed and thorough he was, as well as how dedicated he was to the success of the project.”
    -- Stephen Daze, Executive Director, OCRI Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    “Leo is a writer with great talent for understanding the client's needs and their story which he then crafts into an interesting piece for the reader. Leo is a pleasure to work with and I admire his commitment to his work and his skills as a wordsmith.”
    -- Susan Blain, Director of Marketing and Sales, Ottawa Business Journal

    “I have worked with Leo for about eight years. He is a terrific editor, making suggestions during the research and writing process that always lead somewhere useful and then editing with a careful and thoughtful hand that ensures his changes always improve the story.”
    -- Jeff Pappone, freelance journalist, Globe and Mail/Ottawa Business Journal/others

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